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Julie Foley is Principal of Foley Prospecting Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in all aspects of  prospect research.  She can assist non-profit organizations with all their prospect research needs, including the training of new prospect research employees.

Ms.  Foley started her prospect research career in 2011 as an independent consultant after being trained by Kathleen Foley, founder of Foley Prospecting Solutions.  Since then, she has worked with a wide variety of non-profit clients on many different projects. 

 In addition to Development work, Julie has been a Systems Analyst and team lead at a large insurance company, and a free-lance book indexer and editor.  She brings strong attention to detail and a commitment to  quality to every project she undertakes. 

Ms. Foley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Augsburg College.


 Foley Prospecting Solutions was founded in  2009 by Kathleen Foley after her retirement from Carleton College’s Development Office.  Since her re-retirement in 2017, Kathleen has enjoyed frequent travels to see her son and family in Oregon, golfing, and relaxing!