Custom Prospect Research

Don't have the time or staff to do the  prospect research you need?  Foley Prospecting Solutions can prepare in-depth prospect profiles, event briefs, capacity summaries, or whatever meets your research needs.

Screening and Clearing

Do you want to screen your prospects?  Have you recently completed a screening of your database and need to know which prospects to focus on?  We can help you with a screening, and clear and rate your screening results. 

Training and Coaching of Prospect Research Staff

Does your Research staff have the skills necessary to provide critical prospect information?
Are  you using the best resources for your needs and budget?  Foley  Prospecting Solutions can train your staff in the fundamentals of Prospect Research, demonstrating how to uncover public information, interpret the results of research, and estimate giving capacity and ask amounts. 

Special Projects

Let us know how we can assist you!